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Poker School Concept

Poker is popular and widespread sport game in the world.
Task when you open a poker school is organizing a legal club with a training base for those wishing to learn sports poker. The students at the school of poker - people who are interested in poker as a sport and not gambling for money.
Studying the reference literature, using teaching materials and through the practical lessons at school, students can learn the basic rules of poker, to get acquainted with all the varieties of this game, to understand and comprehend the principles of poker strategy. And develop your own style, having the experience of practical training.
Currently, a large popularity of the Internet community and poker rooms in which you can play online using the software installed on electronic devices. This kind of entertainment can not show all the faces and sides of poker, because for the full feel of the game required the participants live with human emotions that are impossible to convey in online games. After all, poker is not only a mathematical calculation in compliance with the basic rules and principles of the game, but a struggle of intellects and personalities of real people.
Poker school concept 
Part of poker fans playing in the underground and illegal institutions, violating the legislation of the Russian Federation.
Legal poker school allows us to feel the real emotions and the mood of the game, to obtain the necessary skills and practice the game of poker.
The school uses electronic poker tables with the software Cash Poker Pro™, that allows to provide:
-protection from fraud and manipulation cards ( since they do not exist and there is no dealer who shuffles and deals the cards);
-high speed of game play (the student gets more practice per unit time);
-accurate calculation of banks (counting results the distribution of dealer possible intentional error or "human factors).
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