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The legal scheme of work

The legal scheme of work
1. Open OOO. The main type of activity in OKVED – 80.42 additional kind of activity in OKVED -93.05. The tax system is simplified (better vmenenku).
2. Rented a room from 15 sq. m. usable area on the table. Recorded cash register. Is the license agreement with the rightholder of the program CashPokerPro
. Staff is recruited at the rate of 2 person per day (administrator-cashier, security).
3. The client comes to the institution, buys a map and a time of learning to play in sports poker. If you buy the card, the client shall inform the administrator of your nickname, telephone number and e-mail. This information is needed for recovery of password in case of loss by customer. On the card will be credited the purchased time. Then the customer sits at the table, having reviewed and agrees to the offer - license agreement, house rules, rules of card usage, rules of provision of training to play sports poker. 
Most importantly: bought training time CAN NOT exchange and NON-REFUNDABLE
Legal justification
The main area of activity - training game sport poker without the agreement of win and payout as such. This activity does not constitute an administrative offence under article KoAP of the Russian Federation, as well as the elements of a criminal offense specified approx.2 of article 171 of the criminal code.
In accordance with the expert report conducted by the forensic science center of the Moscow police investigated items (tablet computers and Internet console –Android Boxing included in the electronic poker table CashPokerPro
) does not apply to gaming devices, among the installed software, games or simulators games used slot machines with subsequent payment of cash rewards as winnings do not exist. The program has no algorithm or other equipment inside the Cabinet that determines randomly the winner without the participation of the employees with the subsequent payout, the program administrator is no technical possibility to exchange won a customer for money or other material funds (winnings, payments, statistics on loans, etc.), as well as keep records of these operations, a software product CashPokerPro is not gambling and is software for learning to play poker (poker Simulator).
Winning at electronic poker table CashPokerPro™ is non-random and depends on the skill, strategy and mathematical calculation of the player. The owner of the table is not technically capable of setting the table, thereby to bring the training to a state in which, even with great ability and skills of the player the result of a probable win could be reduced to zero.
In the software contains all the necessary information for learning to play sport poker – game rules, combinations, strategies, tactics, possible outs, the methods of calculating the probability of hair loss, and more.
In such circumstances, the game is held using the electronic poker table CashPokerPro, not based on risk; does not provide agreement on the monetary or property winnings between the participant of the game and owner of the poker table or between participants in the game according to the rules established by the owner, and therefore IS NOT GAMBLING.