Cheap NFL Jerseys Nike How to open a poker school?

How to open a poker school Cash Poker Pro

How to open a poker school in your city?
To open a poker school it is best to love and understand this card game. If You possess the skills of organising and understand the basic principles of sport poker, the success is guaranteed.
How to open poker school 
The main aspects of opening a legal poker school:
1. The indoor area of 50 square meters the installation of three electronic poker tables, as well as a place to accommodate staff. Desirable food places in the immediate vicinity of Your establishment, which can provide food for Your visitors. If this is not possible, it is recommended to use the services of a catering company.
2. To register the following types of activity by OKVED: 80.42-the main type of activities 93.05 –other computer related activities.
3. To register and to register the cash register.
4. To hire and to officially employ personnel, signing of employment contract and contract of financial responsibility.
5. To conclude a license agreement on use of trademark and software copyright.
 How to open poker school Cash Poker Pro
The list of expenses and the necessary equipment to open a poker school:
Rent a room (50 sqm)
Electronic poker tables (3 pieces)
TV broadcasts for 42" (3 pieces)
Mount TV (3 pieces)
Internet (the allocated line)
CCTV 6 cameras
Surveillance additional
Advertising (leaflets, banners etc)
Cash register
Credits for the table (license agreement)
Carpet (if necessary)
The chairs for the table (27 min. EA. for 3 tables of 9 seats each)
Tablet operatorPoker school in your city
Receivers for TV (3 pieces)
Tables for meals (10 pieces)
Client cards (100 pieces)
Minimal repair
Wi-Fi router
Front cashier
Water dispenser