Online poker back to Russia

After a recent meeting with first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov prospect of legalization of online poker in our country has become even more distinct. Just need to transfer all the server operators in Russia and the hat. In short, the rush initiative Anisimov eventually came to the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, who, in turn, promised to resolve the issue. One of the first meetings, according to one source, discussing mainly the technical possibility of legalization. If everything was ready – would be allowed tomorrow.

The main snag is that the servers poker operators outside of Russia, and the authorities want all the data was processed and stored on our site. This, of course, talking about the Russian players.

All this is done to create a more transparent tax system. Part of the profits will be given to not only the rooms but also the players. This is also said in this year.


And here a reasonable question arises: what actually bothered to address the issue of legalization before? Is all moved just in front of the looming economic crisis? Unlikely.

And why so famously crushed it in 2009? Industry with a yield of a few billion dollars just went and buried it. Supposedly cared about the health of citizens. Yeah.

And what, citizens have all recovered, playing in underground clubs and casinos?

In General, the attitude towards new developments for a dual. It seems to be good, and seems to be doubts creep: why do we need THEM?