The rules of Texas hold'em

The rules of Texas hold'em
Texas hold'em is one of the most currently popular versions of club poker.
Texas holdem game rules
1. Play, usually a deck of 52 cards. The normal cards: the highest card is an ACE, Junior - deuce.
2. The aim of the game is to win the pot consisting of the bets made in the course of trade, having collected the best poker combination of their two cards and the community cards. If the game is single player (everyone else folded) - Bank wins the player.
3. The distribution of cards and placing the blinds. The game begins with two players sitting to the left of the dealer must post blind (this bet is called "blind"). The bet size varies depending on the value of the game. For example, when betting $1-2 bet size first player will make $0,5 (small blind or small blind), and the second - $1 (big blind or big blind). These bets are made before any cards are dealt.
After betting, each player is dealt two cards face-down.
4. The next stage of the game called preflop (preflop).
 Preflop Talon has not yet been laid, players are the betting based on their two cards.
Trade occurs as follows. The first word belongs to the player left of the player who bet the big blind.
The player has the right to:
to discard without making any bets (pass or fold),
make a bet (bet),
skip the course, remaining in the game (check or check). Check for example in the case that a player in the current round have placed a bet equal to the last bet made before him,
to equalize the bid or respond(number or call),
raise (raise or raise).
The size of the ante and the raise depends on the variety of Texas hold'em.
Trade is conducted until then, until all remaining players will not call your bets. Is usually performed no more than three circles. The last word has a player who bet the big blind. After the adjustment of rates, they are going to the Bank, and laid on the table the first three community cards - the flop (flop).
5. Flop (flop) - turn (turn) river (river).
After uploading three cards of the community cards (the flop) Coorg trade is repeated.
After the adjustment of the rates they are added to the Bank and the dealer deals the fourth card of the community cards - the turn (turn).
The terms of trade is repeated, the bet equation, is sent to the Bank and laid out the last card of the Talon river (river).
After putting some of the river is the betting round, the same rules, and the remaining players reveal their hands.
The winner is the player who were the best poker hand from their two cards and the community cards the community cards. If all players fold, the winner is the last remaining game player.
The next move from the rental to dealing passes from player to player clockwise.
Depending on the way the bets of Texas holdem is divided into three types: limited edition (limit texas hold'em), pot-limit (pot-limit texas hold'em) and no limit poker (no-limit texas hold'em).