Poker rules in Razz

Rules of the game Razz
Razz is seven card stud where the winner is the youngest combination. It's a pretty simple game but not so simple as many people think. It is not very common outside of Las Vegas and Reno. One of the reasons why Razz is played only in these places, is that this game is not familiar to most tourists, who have become easy targets for local professionals. However, many professional players in hold'em and seven-card stud of Las Vegas look down on professional players in Razz, because I think that this game is not worth much and it have the advantage of a professional can be only when he's playing against complete idiots.
Razz (Razz) - another kind of poker game. The game can participate up to 8 people. The rules of Razz will combine the rules of the game low ball (LowBall) - evaluation of the winner and 7 card Stud poker game. For Razz there are two types of games:
 Cash game (Cash or Ring game) - the game is played for real money bets the players make in cash. You can get up from the table and sit at any table where there is free space. The value of the bets throughout the game remains unchanged.
There are odnotonovye tournaments (Sit'n'go or STT) - play usually 6, 10 or 20 people or a multi-table (Multi-Table or MTT), which can simultaneously play several thousand people. From your tables you can't go out (if a player leaves, it still continues to automatically post blinds until you run out of chips). Value betting in tournaments is gradually increased (the increase in blinds). A distinctive feature of tournaments is that for a certain amount of buy - in Buy - in) players get a fixed number of game pieces (chips) are the same for all. Chips often impossible to buy and if they run out, the player cannot continue the game and is eliminated from the tournament (there are tournaments where you can rebuy - rebuy). In addition to Buy-ins most often you must pay a fee of the institution - the rake (Rake). Total buy-ins of all participating players build up the prize Fund, which is played in the tournament. The essence of the tournament is to walk to a certain place - top (not to fly), which payments begin, usually a percentage of the prize pool.
 In Razz poker razz poker is played on the principle “the lower poker hand poker hand, the better” – that is, it is kind of low ball poker, lowball poker. The game has many similarities with seven card stud poker seven card stud poker. The initial arrangement consists of 2 closed and one open card, and at the beginning of all subsequent rounds of betting except the first players poker players receive one card – cards are in the clear. And in the final round of poker betting round closed.
 After the initial distribution of players start trading with someone who has the highest face-up card, but in all other betting rounds begins the strongest hand in poker hand on open maps, as the campaign game the number of revealed cards is growing. The player poker player who scored the best low hand low poker hand wins poker game.
The purpose and rules of the game
The goal in Razz is to win the pot, which is formed after five (or less) rounds (bets). To win the pot, the player must collect a combination of 5 low cards (showdown showdown), or by using the bet to force the opponent to lose cards - in this case, the player who made the bet collects the pot without a showdown. In the hands of the player is dealt 7 cards - 3 indoor and 4 outdoor. Hand in Razz consists of five cards. The ACE is the lowest card. Task - to collect as more as possible low hand (the best combination is A-2-3-4-5). At showdown, if both players have the same highest card, they collected combinations, compare the next card, lower in rank, etc., is not yet determined who the next card under that player takes the pot. Standard poker combinations are not taken into account. Suit in the assembled combinations are not taken into account. There are no community cards. If multiple players have identical hands, the pot is divided between them in equal shares. Please note that a low hand is not low, the combination taking place in Omaha hi-lo or 7 card stud hi / lo is just a sequential set of five low cards, as in Lowball poker.
The game
The game is identical to 7 card stud poker. Before the game all players put in the Bank a small amount of your ante, after which all cards are dealt. First dealt two cards, one open. The player who gets nailsyou card (e.g., king, because the ACE is a low card), must make the initial bet (bring-in) and begins trading. If two or more players have the same value card, to determine younger used suit. The order of the following suits: spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs - in other rounds of the game suits are irrelevant.
On any round of betting accessible to any player a few steps:
Fold - fold - in this case a player doesn't pretend to win the pot and does not participate in further drawing, his cards out of the game.
To equalize the rate - call - to put in the pot the number of chips equal to the big bet (also to call the big blind).
Raise - raise - raise. The minimum size increase may not be less than twice the initial bet.
To enhance an already raised bet - Reraise.
To say check - Check - check if player was not raising rates.
If neither player called the biggest bet then the game ends and the pot is awarded to the player who made that bet (this is true for all betting rounds). After everyone has been called the biggest bet further increase in rates is prohibited. After all bets are called the dealer to open the next card is dealt and so on until the number of cards a player reaches seven, the last seventh card is dealt in the dark.
After the trade, if all bets are equalized or all of the said "check" the players reveal their cards and compare hands - the showdown - showdown. The winner is the player who collects the best hand. If several players have identical hands, the pot is divided between them in equal shares.
This deal ends. The next hand the dealer is a player in the previous hand sitting left of the dealer - the former small blind, etc. clockwise. A cash game can last indefinitely, as long as there are willing, tournaments also fail when there is one person who is the winner of the tournament.